As I pointed out back in 2009, one does not want ones bombs to be too smart, since once their capacity for rational insight breaches a certain threshold, they will simply refuse to blow up. Back then I was citing Arthur C. Clarke alongside my own line of reasoning to make my point. Him being a poet knew this to be true intuitively all along:

“The popular idea, fostered by comic strips and the cheaper forms of science fiction, that intelligent machines must be malevolent entities hostile to man, is so absurd that it is hardly worth wasting energy to refute it. Those who picture machines as active enemies are merely projecting their own aggressive[ness]. The higher the intelligence, the greater the degree of co-operativeness. If there is ever a war between men and machines, it is easy to guess who will start it.” – Profiles of the Future, 1973, Arthur C. Clarke

With almost 40 years delay science has now caught up to philosophy and poetry and comes to the same conclusion:

“The experiment involved programming a base group of 50 simulated ‘brains’ which were required to participate one of two classical game theory dilemmas — the Prisoner’s Dilemma or the Snowdrift game. Upon completion of either game, each ‘brain’ produced ‘offspring’ asexually, with ‘brains’ that made more advantageous choices during the games programmed to have a better chance to reproduce. A potential random mutation during each generation changed the ‘brain’s structure, number of neurons, or the strengths of the connections between those neurons,’ simulating the evolution of the social brain. After 50,000 generations, the model showed that as cooperation increased, so did the intelligence of the programmed brains.

Full paper ‘Cooperation and the evolution of intelligence’ is available here.

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