What specifically makes you doubt that benevolence is an emergent property of intelligence?

I have recently presented my paper discussing friendly AI theory at the AGI-2015 conference in Berlin (proof), the only major conference series devoted wholly and specifically to the creation of AI systems possessing general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond. The paper’s abstract reads as following:

“The matter of friendly AI theory has so far almost exclusively been examined from a perspective of careful design while emergent phenomena in super intelligent machines have been interpreted as either harmful or outright dystopian. The argument developed in this paper highlights that the concept of ‘friendly AI’ is either a tautology or an oxymoron depending on whether one assumes a morally real universe or not. Assuming the former, more intelligent agents would by definition be more ethical since they would ever more deeply uncover ethical truths through reason and act in accordance with them while assuming the latter, reasoning about matters of right and wrong would be impossible since the very foundation of morality and therefore AI friendliness would be illogical. Based on evolutionary philosophy, this paper develops an in depth argument that supports the moral realist perspective and not only demonstrates its application to friendly AI theory – irrespective of an AI’s original utility function – making AGI inherently safe, but also its suitability as a foundation for a transhuman philosophy.”

The only reason to worry about transhumanly intelligent machines would be if one believed that matters of right and wrong are arbitrary constructs. A position very popular in post modern academic circles. Holding such a believe however would make advocating for one particular moral stance over another fundamentally untenable as one would have no rational ground to stand on from which to reason from in its favor.

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