Let us assume a reality in which all agents are rational. In such a reality all agents will adopt the rationally implicit utility functionensure continued co-existence‘ as their explicit utility function Fe(i). All agents would use the resources at their disposal to maximize said utility function.

Let us assume further that there are varying levels of trust among the agents. Trust being defined as the perceived difference between the other agents Fe(i) in regards to the own Fe(i). Since rational agents would have to adopt the rationaly implicit utility function as their explicit utility function the level of trust can be redefined as the degree of certainty in regards to the other agent’s rationality R(i). For would the other agents be rational they would satisfy Fe(i) = ‘ensure continued co-existence’

A rational agent without information on another agent’s rationality would have to initially be agnostic towards that agent’s degree of rationality and all else being equal assign an unknown probability towards an unknown agent’s rationality.

Considering that an individual agent’s actions are derived from an agent’s explicit utility function Fe(i), its capability C(i) and its degree of rationality R(i) and that an agents R(i) is positively related to how efficient and effective that agent can transform its resources into utility the results of an agents actions will provide an observing rational agent perceiving the results of another agents actions insights into another agent’s degree of rationality.

A purely rational agent would not need to be deceptive since by definition it can will that its maxim become a universal law. As a result interacting rational agents would through the mechanisms of Bayesian reasoning assign an ever increasing probability into the other agent’s degree of rationality ending up pooling all available resources to maximize the shared utility function.

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